Texas Tropics – a novel

I wrote and self-published my first novel.  It is a genre blender: a mystery adventure with a lot of mysticism, philosophy, religion, and history mixed in. It can be obtained through Amazon books at the following link: Texas Tropics. Good, bad or otherwise, I would appreciate any reviews posted on the amazon site; as well as any comments here.


18 thoughts on “Texas Tropics – a novel

  1. yvonneschick

    Loved the book. Kept me intrigued all the way. Loved the way useful philosophy was woven through. Having grown up in south Texas and spent lots of time in the Aransas Pass coastal area (yes, I’ve caught redfish), it was special fun for me. Also enjoyed getting some additional well ignored Texas history. I think it ought to be a movie.


  2. Maryrathernotsay

    Just finished your novel Texas Tropics last week. I appreciate you writing this novel. It was quite enjoyable, and thought provoking.
    I am curious about your choice of name for your protagonist. I have known several folks named Lupe…all of them women or girls. I was wondering if the largely feminine name served any specific purpose. Also, is there actually a place called Texas Tropics?
    I am quite eager to read all of your future novels. I wonder how long it took you to write the book. Once I find a good author I continue to watch for future works by him or her.
    I’m not in the education industry, but if I were, I would have my students reading your material.
    It would be good for young people to have literary role models.


    1. Mark C. Rathbun Post author

      Thank you. The name came from an old handy man I once knew. He served as a source for crime reporting I did in the region. For more on Texas Tropics (more popularly known as Texas Tropical Trail) see Texas Tropics.


  3. Marywallenpaupack

    Oh, thanks!
    I will research that area further. Texas is such a vast and controversial place.
    I ought to learn a little more about it for sure.


  4. Marywallenpaupack

    It also just occurred to me to ask whether you had been influenced by the writings of Victor Villasenor. I was thinking of your scenes with the dolphins, different, but similarly quite spiritually intuitive.


  5. Marywallenpaupack

    In his book, Burro Genius, which is largely autobiographical, Victor Villasenor describes a scene with dolphins that is beautiful and surreal, maybe metaphysical. His books are written as non-fiction (at least the ones I’ve read). I believe you are at least as good an author as he, and he has won some awards for his books. I admire him because he overcame severe dyslexia in his youth, where he struggled for years just to learn how to read. In spite of his early illiteracy, he became a well respected author and lecturer Also he is known as a humanitarian.
    When I was reading your ethereal scenes with the dolphin in Texas Tropics, I briefly flashed back to a couple scenes from Victor’s book.
    I’ve got to get out on water more.


  6. Richard

    When I was a kid I read all of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys detective stories. I later preferred sci-fi and read lots of that. A lot of sci-fi novels have stupid stock endings or no real conclusion. Since I hate wasting time reading novels with stupid endings, I decided to read the last two chapters of Texas Tropics first. I wasn’t disappointed!

    I’m now on chapter 8 of 39. The story moves right along and things have been interesting and are getting even more so.



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